Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Tom Cruise and Scarlett Johansson seem to be on the same page about combining their star power for a film project.

The 60-year-old Top Gun: Maverick star revealed at the Rome premiere of his latest blockbuster Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One that he ‘absolutely’ is interested in working with the 38-year-old Avengers actress.

His interest in collaborating comes after Johansson confessed at the New York City of her new Wes Anderson–directed film Asteroid City that Cruise is the last major star that she dreams of sharing the screen with.

‘I’d love to work with Tom Cruise,’ she admitted to The Hollywood Reporter on the red carpet on June 13, adding that she hoped someone would pitch a film idea featuring the two.

Luckily for her, Cruise told THR he was game when it came time for him to lead a film premiere.

‘She’s amazing,’ he gushed about Johansson. ‘There’s a great actress and a movie star.

After he was asked if he thought the two actors could be compatible on screen, he replied, ‘Yes. It’s gonna happen.’

It’s not uncommon for actors to praise their colleagues to keep their options open, but Cruise indicated he was genuinely interested as he went on to praise the Ghost World star.

‘Look, I’ve watched her career her whole life. She’s enormously talented, very charismatic,’ he said. ‘It’d be fun.’

The Minority Report star added that Johansson ‘could do everything.’

‘She could do comedy, drama, action, suspense. She’s someone that really draws you in on the screen, on camera,’ he continued. ‘So absolutely, it’s gonna happen.’

The actor also delved into his love for making films that excite audiences at a premiere for his new film, which is likely to do just that.

‘I love that cinema experience, and this film was made for that,’ he said. ‘I’ve always been studying any new programs that they have and any way that I can engage an audience and make it more entertaining more immersive. Look, I have always wanted to make movies and travel the world and to be able to have this opportunity now, this is what I wanna do.’

Cruise enthusiasm for new projects comes shortly after Mission: Impossible 7 received rapturous first reactions from assorted critics and social media stars who caught the film early.

Johansson has been receiving her own acclaim for Asteroid City, which has been a hit with critics, many of whom have singled out her lead role opposite Jason Schwartzman.

The film is currently paying in limited release and scored an astounding $890K estimated four-day opening, according to Deadline.

That comes out to a four-day per-theater average of $148,901, which would be a record since the start of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

According to its distributor, Focus Features, Asteroid City also boasts the best per-theater average since 2016’s La La Land.

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