SEVENTEEN SeungKwan, during the recording, injured wrist accident occurred unexpectedly… Fans are worried


It has been revealed that Seung Kwan of the popular Korean boy group SEVENTEEN had injured his wrist during the taping of the show.

SEVENTEEN uploaded the latest video on the V LIVE app on May 18. Episode 17 of variety show ‘GOING SEVENTEEN 2020’ in which the members try various games has been released.

The members were divided into two teams and played “human chess”. The teams were divided into the leader S.COUPS and the teams of Jun, Hoshi, Wonu, Wooji, Do-gyeom, and Seung-gwan. On the other hand, the decision was made on the team of Jong Han, Joshua, Ming Kyu, THE8, Vernon and Dino.

Representatives from each team take turns playing chess, and the rest of the team members play as pawns in the game. In the end, the team that chases down the other team’s “king” piece wins.

In addition to the existing rules, when pieces face each other during a competition, they must play a game designated by the attacking piece. The losing piece is exited.

During this battle chess game, there was a scene where Seung Kwan injured his wrist.

Seung-gwan, who plays a pawn, has to confront Dino at the behest of his team’s player Do-gyeom, who tells him that Seung-gwan should catch Dino in front of him. Seung Kwan, the aggressor, declared that they would play a “do-gyeom game” to see how long it would take them to reach the white carpet from their chair position.

That was when Seung Kwan and Dino were trying for the second time.

Lo and behold, Seung Kwan slipped spectacularly as he landed on the black carpet beyond his intended location, perhaps because he was trying too hard to win.


When the members saw this play, they laughed at first, but then asked the pained-looking Seung-kwan, “Are you okay? and follow up. Apparently, Seung Kwan had caught his weight with his hands after slipping his foot, hurting his wrist.




Speaking of Seung Kwan, he is famous for his multi-faceted performance skills, such as his overwhelming singing ability and his skillful talking skills that make viewers laugh. The fact that he is willing to give it his all may be what led to this accident.

Fans who watched this video took note of Seung Kwan’s wrist taping on “COUNTDOWN TV,” which aired on May 11. He injured his wrist in the taping, so he may have been wearing taping.

When Seung Kwan looks painful, fans ask, “Are your wrists okay? Many people have voiced their concern, such as “Take care of yourself” and “Take care of yourself.

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