SM Rookies Hina will make her debut in July, and SM Rookies Hina will quit as a member?

It has been learned that SM Entertainment will debut a new girl group for the first time in six years since “Red Velvet” debuted on August 1, 2014.

It has been decided that SM Entertainment (SM) will debut a new girl group this summer.

It is rumored that the time of their debut will be in July when ‘Red Velvet’ Seulgi and Irene’s duet activities will end, as they are making a comeback in June.



Applications for trademark registration under the SM names “Spry” and “FRNZ” were filed.

It’s expected to debut under either “Spry” or “FRNZ”, whichever name it is.

The story of SM’s new girl group debut was posted on Twitter by an SM official, which has now been deleted.



The Twitter content has been deleted, but what makes its content credible is that while there has been talk of a rookie girl group debut before, the content has been fleshed out even more.

The debut members of the new girl group have 9 members.

Three of the members are foreign nationals.

The main visual is of the foreign members.

The debut song is in charge of Kenzie and songwriter



When SM talks about the debut of a new girl group, the most anticipated thing is whether or not Japanese trainee Hina-chan will make her debut.

Currently, SM ROOKIES members include Go-eun and Rami, who have left SM, so the only ones left are Hina and Ning Ning.




However, despite the high expectations of Hina-chan, rumors are circulating that she has been removed from the rookie girl group members.

Hina joined SM in 2013 and is an 8th year trainee who was published on SM ROOKIES in 2015.



When Hina’s presumed Instagram account opened, there was an uproar with fans instantly following it.

After that, her Instagram was kept private.

SM ROOKIES was the team to debut a new girl group to follow in Red Velvet’s footsteps, but many fans questioned SM’s refusal to debut a member who was in SM ROOKIES.

Many fans are hoping that Hina-chan, who has been a trainee SM student for eight years, will make her debut in this debut girl group.

All eyes are on SM’s upcoming announcement.

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