Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

With former beauty queen and Hong Kong actress Suet Fa chiming in with her views on the “scoundrels” discussion in Chinese Showbiz, there were a few revelations that shocked many. Back in 2022, a YouTube video shared on the 73-year-old actress’ account addressed Wang Leehom’s controversial marriage scandal. And while talking about it, Fa was prompted to reflect on other individuals within showbiz who she believed exhibited similar traits – specifically pointing out Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

And as soon as Fa’s remarks surfaced online, they sparked awe and intrigue among the industry and audiences.

Suet Fa accused Jackie Chan and Jet Li of being a ‘scoundrel’
Suet Fa’s remarks shined a spotlight on the personal lives of some acclaimed actors. Her comments hinted at the Expandable star Jet Li’s romantic affair with actress Nina Li and his marriage to martial arts actress Huang Qiuyan.

Moreover, Taiwanese actor Jackie Chan was also embroiled in an extra-marital affair with Elaine Ng Yi-Lei while he was married to Joan Lin.

While talking about the public perception within the realm of celebrity culture in China., Fa said,

“Some people in the public have labelled Wang Leehom a scoundrel because of his [marriage scandal]. This led me to think that there a few of these guys in showbiz. One of them is Jackie Chan… The second is Jet Li.”

But can Jet Li really be compared to Wang Leehom? After his three-year marriage to his first wife, Li fell in love with his co-actor, whom he married in 1990. Unlike Leehom’s controversial and ugly divorce trials, Li’s divorce from his ex-wife was much smoother. In fact, his former wife is still a steadfast supporter of Li, years after their divorce.

Jet Li claims he learned the true meaning of love from Nina Li
Irrespective of Suet Fa’s opinion of Li, the Expendables star feels that he did not know what true love is before he met Nina. Li met Nina during the shoot of the 1988 movie Dragon Fight. While talking about his first marriage, he said,

“When I was young, there was a girl who loved me and I thought I loved her too. But after meeting Nina, I knew for sure it was love, such love that I would have abandoned fame and fortune for her and die for her. Every day is full of passion.”

Furthermore, he apologized to his former wife and thanked Nina for leaving her career to look after their two daughters Jane and Jada. Prior to his marriage to former actress Nina Li in 1990, Jet Li was married to Huang Qiuyan for three years.

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