Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Sean Ono Lennon spoke with Spin about the late Zack Rosen, whose record ‘SYZYGY’ was released posthumously by Chimera Music Label last March. During the conversation, the singer began comparing Rosen, who committed himself after battling schizophrenia, to former Pink Floyd member Syd Barrett. Lennon said of the two musicians’ mental troubles and musical abilities: “Schizophrenic people frequently have an unusual relationship with language.

” His inventive use of words and chords led me to believe he was suffering from a mental disorder. But that’s the problem about mental illness: it’s tremendously multifaceted, with numerous facets. In Zack’s case, I believe his extraordinary creativity and uniqueness were linked to the sickness, similar to Syd Barrett. But I am confident that if Zack’s disease had not developed, he would have been a fantastic songwriter.”

He continued, adding to his points as follows: “I believe there is a long history of creative genius coexisting with insanity.” It’s difficult to define, but it’s obvious when you see it. There is a vibrancy to Van Gogh’s greatest work, a freedom in Syd Barrett’s songs that seems to have sprung from a creative source less restricted by what you would call societal restrictions.”

Connor Grant, who introduced Rosen to the GOASTT vocalist, also shared his thoughts on the comparisons between his late buddy and Barrett during the same interview. The guitarist revealed: “The Syd resemblance was simply in how sweet his voice was, as well as how sweet the songs were – they were very deep harmonically, and they were very complicated to analyze, but not to listen to.” But they also had this innocence about them.” In the video below, you can hear one of Zack Rosen’s songs.

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