Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Taylor Momsen appears to be ready for fresh collaborations after working with Soundgarden’s Matt Cameron and Kim Thayil. The singer recently chatted with Ronni Hunter and expressed her desire to collaborate with the Gallagher brothers of Oasis. When asked about the musicians she would like to collaborate with, Momsen first emphasized the significance of the appropriate song before naming any names: “I am asked that a lot, and it’s so hard to choose people because the honest answer is that… There are two truthful responses. The truth is that the song has to come first. So, without the song, you have nothing, and even a dream collaboration is nothing.

I didn’t approach Matt Cameron and Kim Thayil about playing on our album until we had ‘Only Love Can Save Me Now.’ It was really appropriate and Soundgarden-like. “I thought, ‘They still do this better than we will.’ So I called them.” Momsen then named the rockers with whom she would like to work: “I’m a huge fan of Oasis.” My bucket list always includes Liam and Noel. I’m a major fan of Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page, how are you? There are a few. “I’d like to play with people who are better than me.”

The Pretty Reckless singer collaborated with Thayil and Cameron on the song ‘Only Love Can Save Me Now,’ which was released as the band’s third single from their 2021 album, ‘Death by Rock and Roll.’ Tom Morello was also featured on another song from the same album. Given recent events, it doesn’t appear easy to bring Liam and Noel together for Momsen’s dream collaboration, but anything is possible. Taylor’s entire chat may be found below.

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