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Dwayne Johnson is a man who dons many hats. In his 20s, he earned fame by jostling in the WWE. After a brief but impactful stint, Johnson moved to Hollywood to become a full-time actor. Simultaneously, he also started various businesses. The ventures have mostly been successful, helping the growth of his net worth.

The 51-year-old is estimated to be worth $800 million currently and is looking to grow his ventures. In a recent chat, he pointed at his famed ‘Rock Concerts’ in WWE as a measure to bolster the growth of his companies.

Johnson reckons ‘everything touches everything’

Last December, Johnson sat with host Tracy Smith on CBS Sunday Morning program for a chat. The wrestler-turned-actor spoke on a host of issues pertaining to his life and one such was his plans for business growth.

Johnson has stakes in several businesses across various sectors. He is part owner of the XFL, an American minor football league. He has stakes in energy drink company- Zoa, tequila brand- Teremana, a production house- Seven Bucks Productions, a deal with apparel company Under Armour under the name Project Rock and many more.

When Smith asked him what was in store for him, he started with, “Well, a few things.” Explaining, “It’s to continue to build these companies up. Everything touches everything.”

He said it could be film, television, digital, or maybe music and took a pause and laughed out loud before repeating after the host, “There’s a tease”.

There’s a reason he took a pause after saying music. If you are die-hard Rock fan, you may be aware of his ‘Rock Concerts’, but if not, here’s how it went.

When Dwayne Johnson snubbed boos from the crowd to perform in Rock Concert

There’s no doubt that the WWE Universe adores Dwayne Johnson. But there was a time when they booed him in numbers and instead of getting overwhelmed, The Great One used it to his advantage. The first Rock Concert took place On March 24, 2003, in Sacramento, just days ahead of his acclaimed match against Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 19.

At this point, Johnson was a heel in the company, playing his Hollywood Rock gimmick, a pompous wrestler who put himself over everything else. Even before he started strumming his guitar and singing, the Sacramento crowd started to boo him. Unfazed, he got one over them by calling out the local NBA team, Sacramento Kings, and their loss to the LA Lakers.

He took shots at Austin too by singing expletive-laden lyrics, the same in his assumption that his nemesis was away from the arena. However, it ended in unfortunate circumstances for The Brahma Bull as The Texas Rattlesnake snuck inside the arena and attacked him. The last blow was Austin stomping on Johnson’s prized guitar as he watched in horror from a distance. He last held ‘The Rock Concert’ in 2013 during his rivalry with John Cena.

But, there’s no denying that the two put up a fun segment in which Johnson proved that he could roll with the heat. Would you be willing to watch a Rock Concert if Johnson announces one in the future? Also, tell us what you think about Dwayne Johnson’s plans for his businesses, in the comments.

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