Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

When Jimmy Page needed a bassist, he didn’t have to seek far because a session musician, John Paul Jones, was eager to join the lineup of what would become Led Zeppelin. Jones was tired of being studio noise because he wanted to be a part of a band and sing his creative songs on stage. Even after joining Led Zeppelin and inadvertently becoming part of one of music’s most renowned lineups, he didn’t have much optimism for the band’s future in his early days with his colleagues. John predicted that the band would not be a great success and would only last a few years before disbanding. So, just in case his prediction came true, he had a backup plan: become a movie musician and compose original music for films. The bassist was heavily involved in the movie industry, thus it came as no surprise that one of his future career aspirations included recording soundtracks.

Fortunately, Led Zeppelin did not fail, and John did not need to seek a new job in another business, but it appeared that he was not the only rocker interested in appearing in films in some capacity. Another bassist, Rush’s Geddy Lee, wanted to try his luck with the huge screens of theatre saloons. While chatting with Entertainment Weekly in 2009, Lee seemed more than eager to participate in another film, as he had only recently featured in the film, ‘I Love You, Man?’. Geddy clearly enjoyed acting in front of cameras, directors, and a crowded set, so when the host inquired whether he had any other intentions for his acting career, the musician already had a few ideas. He expressed his willingness to take on any part while simultaneously expressing his desire to appear in the Coen Brothers’ version of ‘The Yiddish Policemen’s Union,’ which was then in the works.

He seemed to want to be in the film since he was persuaded that he looked the part for any decent role, easily joking about his Jewish origin. Geddy on his future acting plans and the film in which he wants to star: “Any film. We’re all [Rush] accessible. We’re pushing ourselves forward. Now we all want to be character actors. We’re ready to appear in any film that anyone wants to cast us in. I’d want to appear in a film directed by the Coen brothers. I’d love to play a minor role in ‘The Yiddish Policemen’s Union.’ I adore the book, and I am ideal for the film. I believe they should include me in one of the scenes. “Believe me, I look the part.” However, despite Lee’s best efforts, the Coen Brothers never got around to making the film, reportedly dismissing the entire project after only a few drafts of the script. So, not only was the adaptation lost in the depths of the director brothers’ unfinished projects, but the Rush icon’s dreams were also shattered. Nonetheless, the fact that two prominent rock names, Jones and Lee, expressed interest in the movie industry demonstrates the undeniable bond between films and music, as well as how the two industries are intertwined through so many links.

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