Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

The famous singer Dua Lipa initially surprised all her fans by revealing her participation in the long-awaited movie ‘Barbie‘, which with the emotion they are showing on social networks, new images of the singer in her mermaid role have been revealed.

The announcement of ‘Barbie’ and every single trailer released for the film has revolutionized the industry and went its fans crazy who eagerly wait to see Margot Robbie playing the iconic doll alongside her boyfriend Ken, played by Ryan Gosling, in a project that could get countless achievements.

Among the recent advances that excite Barbie fans were new images of Dua Lipa playing the iconic mermaid from the classic films of the Matel doll in the production directed by Greta Gerwing.

The British singer will participate in the production besides her role of ‘Mermaid Barbie’, being part of the main soundtrack of the film for which she released a new song titled ‘Dance the Night‘.

The news of Dua Lipa’s participation was revealed with the first promotional posters of ‘Barbie’ where the singer wears a long blue wig, a top and a mermaid tail of the same color, surprising all her fans around the world for this new project.

In the recent images you can see how Dua could be playing different mermaid Barbies in the movie, although this has not been confirmed by the production, it is what the speculations say when seeing her being a mermaid with pink hair and another one with purple hair.

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