The photo of TWICE members who confused ONCE is a hot topic!

TWICE’s fan club ONCE got confused by one photo. On the night of the 7th, a photo of one of the TWICE members was uploaded on the official Instagram of TWICE.

The photo of the topic showed a member wearing a white muffler and a black coat. The photo was taken at night and the caption said, “ONCE, watch out for the snowy roads, the photo was last year.”

The reason this photo became a hot topic was because I didn’t know who the members in the photo were. TWICE fans commented that the members in the photo are definitely Tzuyu, but Dahyun and Mina are similar. Opinions were divided, with some fans claiming that the shape of their long fingers was Sana.



According to overseas ONCE, there were many opinions that the right side of the face looks like Tzuyu, the left side looks like Dahyeon, and overall it looks like Mina’s face.




Under these circumstances, Mina revealed to the bubble that “I am not the main character in the photo”, so the candidates were narrowed down to Tzuyu and Dahyun.




Opinions were divided among TWICE fans, depending on who the members in the photo were, and the two names became a real-time trend on Twitter.


In the end, the identity was revealed.

The correct answer was Dahyun. When practicing the MAMA award ceremony last year, the clothes and muffler that Dahyun wore were the same as the clothes in the photo.



Looking only at the photos, it looked a lot like Mina, so if I didn’t reveal that Mina wasn’t the person, I might still have different opinions.


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