The second half of the first round of “Road To Kingdom” is here! PENTAGON and THE BOYZ performed on stage in a heated atmosphere!

The second half of the first round of ‘Road To Kingdom’, which pits the boy group at the top, has been released.

Mnet aired the third episode of the boy group’s survival show “Road To Kingdom” on May 14, and PENTAGON and THE BOYZ each gave a great performance on stage.

In the last episode, ONEUS, TOO, VERYVERY, Golden Child, and ONF performed on stage under the theme of “Song of the King of the Music World”. And in episode 3, the remaining two groups, PENTAGON and THE BOYZ, have performed.



PENTAGON selected the song “Very Good” by Brooke B. It starts off with a scene in which member Hong-seok is chained up. The light atmosphere of the original song is arranged in a darker way, using the whole body to express the joy of having freedom in one’s hands. It was a performance that showed the acting ability of the members and the arranging talent of the leader Hui.



THE BOYZ selected SHINee’s Taemin’s solo song “Danger”. This was the only stage among the performers that did not have any dancers. They performed physical acrobatic performances and dances to make the stage chic.

With the performances of all seven pairs now complete, the first round rankings were announced. The rankings were announced in the form of six people in each group voting on behalf of the group, and the group that received the most votes would be determined.

The “Road To Kingdom” has only just begun. I still can’t take my eyes off the hot battle for the top of the boy group.

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