Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

The Jennifer Lawrence renaissance is in full swing.

The Hunger Games actress has returned from her time out of the spotlight to promote new comedy No Hard Feelings, in which she plays a woman who seduces a teenage boy in an attempt to make him less awkward. Whether that’s an old hat, not-very-now premise is another discussion for another time.

The Oscar-winner already caught attention last month when she turned up to Cannes Film Festival in a bombshell bright red Dior gown, only for people to realise she was wearing flip flops underneath it. Classic J-Law.

But for her first red carpet appearance for No Hard Feelings, Lawrence went full head-to-toe glamour in an overall more demure Dior look.

Arriving at the London premiere, the actress was seen wearing a sheer black Dior dress with a mesh torso, giving us a peek-a-boo bra moment, with embellishments throughout the fabric of the gown.

Lawrence also introduced added modesty to the gown, which was seen to be all-mesh when it debuted on Dior’s autumn/winter 2023 runway, by making the skirt fully opaque and hiking up the leather gloves to near-opera length. She also punked it up slightly by adding a massive oversized ear cuff, along with multiple other piercings across her earlobes.

Instead of flip flops, Lawrence kept it classy with a pair of black pumps and slicked back hair. This, combined with the gloves and emphasised waistline, gave the whole look a decidedly Audrey Hepburn-esque feel.

Lawrence may have opted for a higher heel this time round after her shoe drama last month caused quite a stir — and unintentionally, she insists. After her Cannes appearance, people questioned whether Lawrence was wearing flip flops as a form of protest, in reference to a scandal from 2015 when two women were denied entry to the Cate Blanchett film Carol due to their flat footwear. Since 2015, an array of celebs — from Julia Roberts to Kristen Stewart and Blanchett herself — have protested this dress code rule by kicking their heels off on the red carpet.

But Lawrence insists she had no idea that was even a thing. “I would really like to straighten this out. I was not making a political statement,” the actress told Entertainment Tonight. “I had no idea until it came out that there was a whole controversy with people wearing flats or walking down the red carpet barefoot, I had no clue. My shoes were a size too big.”

While her look for the No Hard Feelings premiere was quite a serve, it’s actually only the second most exciting thing she’s done during her time in London. Earlier in the day, the actress was seen exiting a British chicken shop, where she was filming an episode of Chicken Shop Dates.

The YouTube-based interview series, hosted by Amelia Dimoldenberg, shows Dimoldenberg making her increasingly famous guests increasingly uncomfortable as she asks them a series of strange and awkward questions, or attempts to flirt with them.

Given that Dimoldenberg and Lawrence have near identical energies, this next episode is bound to be a good one. Settle in lads, the J Law renaissance is upon us, just let it wash over you.

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