Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

It’s always better to confront the critics than to hide away from them.

The release of Fast X created a lot of excitement in the movie world. Many fans were happy to see the family together again on the big screen.

But the film itself wasn’t so much appreciated by viewers. They found a lot of plot holes, cringeworthy moments and unnecessary cliffhangers.

The Fast X movie is supposed to be the first part of a two or three part final saga of the franchise. So it was important to establish the main points of the story in this first movie.

Instead, the writers left the fans wondering what it was all about and what they should expect from the next movies. But luckily, Dom Toretto is not the one who would hide from all that fuss.

On his Instagram account Vin Diesel released a video with some explanations about what the next movies will be about and how they will fix the problems that were faced in the Fast X movie.

“The world would never realize that we’re here dissecting the mythology of Fast, going over it. Going over all of the feedback from our incredible fans and how much we’re just enjoying being in this creative dojo.<...> We take it seriously because we know how important it is to all of you,” he said in the video he shared.

Well, this all sounds really believable. It seems that the creative team of the movie is already thinking a lot about the plot and everything related to the next film. But how can the new movie improve on Fast X?

The thing is, the last movie was kind of chaotic and never allowed the characters to fully open up with their stories.

So maybe part two will be more about taking the personalities of the characters to a deeper level and really telling their true stories.

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