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Vin Diesel, whose real name is Mark Sinclair, is among the biggest stars and a top-notch action hero with a highly successful Fast and Furious franchise. He is known for his muscular body and for performing thrilling stunts in films. Some of his prominent movies include XXX, Saving Private Ryan, The Last Witch Hunter, and more. The actor also lent his voice to Groot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) for 6 projects.

Riddick star has formed a solid legacy with his Fast and Furious movies and especially his character, Dominic Toretto. However, it would be interesting to know that the actor changed his real name a long time ago.

Vin Diesel changed his name in his early days
It is not strange for celebrities to take up a stage name different from their real ones when they are establishing their careers. Vin Diesel had also changed his name, but it was much before he entered the acting industry. Apparently, the actor took up the name Diesel when he was just 17 years old and worked as a bouncer in New York.

At the time, the Fast X star was working part-time at nightclubs and attended Hunter College. In those times, he would show off his dancing skills on his off days. The actor felt the need to take up a new name for creating an alternative identity when he was working as a bouncer.

He picked his first name Vin, which is short for Vincent, the name of his stepfather who had raised him. The actor chose Diesel because it started as a joke among his friends because he was very energetic as if he operated on fuel. For the fans of the actor, Diesel’s chosen name sounds perfect for an action star like him.

Vin Diesel broke into a theatre when he was 7
As per reports, The Last Witch Hunter star’s career as an actor started when he was just seven years old. He and his few friends had broken into a theatre, and the director caught them red-handed. He gave Diesel a small part in the play which was going to be staged the same evening.

However, the acting career path was not easy for him, and he had to struggle for years to get his big break in Los Angeles. After trying hard, still he could not get a career-changing role hence he decided to make his short film. He presented the movie at the Cannes Film Festival.

Indiana Jones director Steven Spielberg happened to see his film and decided to cast him in his project Saving Private Ryan. The actor’s career got the right boost with the multi-starrer film. Later he worked in several hit movies like The Iron Giant, Boiler Room, and more. The action star received a People’s Choice Awards nomination for F9: The Fast Saga in 2021.

Fast X is presently running in theatres worldwide.

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