Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

The personal lives of great people have always piqued the interest of the general public and committed fans. Motörhead’s late frontman, Lemmy Kilmister, was no exception. While he became well-known for his musical abilities and renegade lifestyle, the facts of his personal life remained largely undisclosed. Lemmy had two sons despite never marrying. While on vacation at the age of 17, Lemmy met a girl named Cathy. Following her arrival in Stockport, she gave birth to his son, Sean, who was later adopted. In the 2010 documentary ‘Lemmy,’ he made a passing reference to having a son whose mother had recently reconciled with him. However, Lemmy made the hard decision to keep his true identity hidden from his secret child, feeling that it would be better for him not to know. Lemmy stated that meeting his son out of curiosity may potentially upset his life, and he did not have a sense of longing because they had never met.

His thoughts about Sean are as follows: “He works as a computer programmer.” His mother went out to find him. She works as a social worker and dresses in these paisley smocks. She claimed that when she informed him she was his mother, he put his head in his hands, so she didn’t have the heart to tell him who his father was. I figure that meeting him for the sake of curiosity will wreck his life. It’s in everyone’s best interests if I don’t. “Because I never met him, I don’t miss him.” Turning our attention to Lemmy’s other son, Paul Inder, his meeting with Tracy, a woman from Manchester, during his tenure with the Rockin’ Vickers resulted in his birth. However, Lemmy didn’t meet Paul until six years later. Lemmy’s second son, Inder, grew up to be a guitarist and occasionally accompanied his father on stage. He was by Lemmy’s side to the end, observing his final days. Inder remarked on Lemmy’s drive to perform despite his health issues in an interview at the 2016 Grammy Awards, describing an event in which the late vocalist mustered the strength to go on stage while being lay out backstage. Kilmister’s strong commitment to music and refusal to retire impacted his outlook till the end.

Paul had this to say about his father’s final months on the road: “He had his good days and his bad days. He would struggle to get on stage at times, but he would always pull it together — even if he was on his back. For example, at one event, I learned from his aide, Steve Luna, that he was literally stretched out on his backstage. When he heard the crowd yelling ‘Lemmy, Lemmy,’ he got up, went out, and did it. So he persevered till the bitter end. That was all he cared about. So there’s nothing else I can do, he added. ‘I’m not going to retire.’ ‘Retire’ was not a word in his vocabulary. So, I believe he was… It was all the way to the end for him, and he wanted to go with his boots on, which he kind of did.” From 1990 until his death in 2015, Lemmy Kilmister lived in Los Angeles and kept his personal life hidden from the public view. While Lemmy refused to reveal his true identity to his secret son, Sean, he kept in touch with his other son, Paul Inder.

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