Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s remarkable journey to his $450 million worth of success was shed light on from different angles in his latest Netflix docuseries, Arnold. A staggering aspect revealed in the docuseries was of his father’s golden advice to him, which stuck with him throughout his life. More so, it also ended up inspiring his fans and the community to follow the same in their personal journeys.

A fan on Twitter recently shared a heartwarming post for Schwarzenegger, iterating how his father’s advice on usefulness appears as a better mantra, comparing it to the $174.59 billion worth sports brand, Nike’s tagline. The fan’s effort didn’t go unnoticed, as the star responded to the gesture with a brief note of love.

Schwarzenegger recently stumbled upon a fan’s post on Twitter that discussed how great of a mantra his father’s simple two-word advice was. While Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ has been an ultimate motivator for the majority of people, this fan claimed that “Be Useful” as quoted several times by Arnie in the documentary, is a way better and “life-changing” mantra.

Hence, the fan’s note read, “I’ve always been a fan of ‘Just Do It’ but just watched @Schwarzenegger documentary on Netflix and ‘Be Useful’ is a better mantra. How can I be useful today is really the point, what can I do to help others and achieve my goals? Life changing.” But that was not all. Later when Arnie came across the post, he couldn’t help but acknowledge it with a concise message.

“I love this,” he chimed in while resharing the fan’s thoughtful post. As a matter of fact, the golden advice has been a guiding principle for Arnie all his life. His father shared it with him in his childhood, and the IFBB pro molded his entire life around it, achieving success in multiple professional spheres. Similarly, he once emphasized the same in a previous edition of his newsletter.

Arnold Schwarzenegger built his journey around his father’s advice

A newsletter from last year spotlighted his father’s advice on a descriptive note while revealing his 75th birthday goals. He shared the exact advice with his big community of fitness enthusiasts. He added that, back then, when he heard it, it didn’t resonate with him as much as it does now at 75.

“My dad always said ‘Be useful, Arnold.’ When I was young, I listened, but it didn’t mean as much as it means now. 75 years of life has taught me that it means everything,” Arnie wrote. He suggested that it applies to all spheres of life, be it as a parent, mentor, or simply a friend. ‘Being useful’ to others is the best thing one can do with their life.

Enlightening his millions of fans with his father’s simple yet golden advice shall reform the lives and perspectives of many. Hence, the icon is certainly doing a great job of being useful as an influencer now.

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