Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Yes’ During their prime, Steve Howe declared his preference for Steve Morse’s playing over Eddie Van Halen’s. In an interview with Paltrocast, the guitarist discussed his appreciation for Morse and his thoughts on Van Halen. Featuring Darren Paltrowitz. After all, Eddie Van Halen was not Steve Howe’s cup of tea, especially since there was a Steve Morse to sweep his feet away. The Dixie Dregs were Steve Howe’s favorite band in the 1970s rock era. The singer was so taken with the band after the first listen that he called them. On one hand, The Dixie Dregs were entertaining rock fans as Steve Morse ripped his guitar live, while Eddie Van Halen was establishing his future history with Van Halen. Steve Morse was still Steve Howe’s favorite.

Howe said in a recent interview that Steve Morse was the guitarist who captured his heart. The music of the Dixie Dregs struck a connection with Howe, and their songs resonated deep within his spirit. While Eddie Van Halen’s talent is undeniable, it was Morse’s playing that really struck a chord with the guitarist. Howe stated: “I think before I was fully aware of Eddie, I was very aware of Steve Morse because that first album was produced by Ken Scott, who is one of my favorite British guys.” ‘Give them a call!’ So I was so absorbed that I adored Dixie Dregs. I believed it was a smash record; I didn’t think everyone realized how fantastic it was.

” He went on to say: “There was a lot of Eddie as much as there was Eddie.” But Steve Morse stole my heart. I was more familiar with all of his albums.” Steve Howe has stated that he prefers Steve Morse’s playing to Eddie Van Halen’s. Even the most skilled musicians have particular tastes, and one artist’s approach may resonate strongly with another. Keep in mind that Howe doesn’t think Eddie’s playing is bad; he just feels Steve’s is better.

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