Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

The musician has been previewing a new song titled ‘Lowlife’ this weekend. Today (June 4), Yungblud collaborated with Limp Bizkit at Rock Im Park; watch them play ‘Break Stuff’ together here. The bands were performing together at a German festival when Yungblud was requested to join the nu-metal giants on stage for their massive smash tune. Dominic Harrison can be seen passionately yelling along to the track alongside Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst in footage uploaded online. Watch the video for ‘Break Stuff’ below.

Yungblud has also been previewing a new tune dubbed ‘Lowlife’ this weekend. Dominic Harrison wrote mysterious letters to followers with addresses in London, Los Angeles, and Germany earlier this week, before putting the same directions on his social media sites. Those who attended yesterday (June 2) were treated with a sample of the singer’s new tune, while Yungblud himself appeared at the German event, ahead of his gig at the Rock Am Ring festival. All of the activities included blacked-out cars with the word ‘Lowlife’ spray-painted on them.

The new single will be released in late 2022, following Yungblud’s self-titled third album. “It would have been easy for Yungblud to pull back from the spotlight after getting a battering online,” NME stated of the album’s release. “Instead, he’s returned with his most confident, cohesive album yet, in which he fights hate with understanding and love.” He knows he can win this battle.” Meanwhile, Limp Bizkit will perform a large outdoor show in London’s Gunnersbury Park later this summer. Pendulum, KennyHoopla, Joey Valence & Brae, and Deijuvhs will join them on the next show on August 13.

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