Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

The phrase “the truth shall set you free” According to Zachary Levi, Dwayne Johnson prevented Black Adam actors from participating in the Shazam! post-credits scene. The Gods’ Fury. Fury Of The Gods was originally intended to feature Black Adam’s Justice Society of America members, but the scenario “fell apart three days before we were going to roll cameras,” prompting the director to find replacement characters.

The Wrap revealed on Tuesday (March 21) that Johnson intentionally prevented the characters from showing up in the Shazam! sequel and that he also barred Levi from making an appearance in Black Adam. Levi tweeted a message on Tuesday that referenced The Wrap’s allegation and appeared to confirm it by adding, “The truth shall set you free.”

Levi received a tweet from a fan who said, “There is no disputing that there are many Snyder fans who are delighted for the failure of your film right now, and many of them desire that everything that is to come fails merely for not continuing with the works of their director. In a since-deleted tweet, Levi retorted, “This is also true.” Sad but accurate. Nobody really knows how much that will truly impact the box office.

But I believe that our largest problem right now is marketing. Despite the fact that many families are unaware of it, this film is ideal for families. Which is truly unfortunate. Shazam! Fury Of The Gods received a two-star rating from NME, which stated that the film had a “cheap and clumsy feel to everything” and was “a superhero sequel made in the same vague shape as a dozen others.” The end-credit stings nod and wink their way toward a spot in a shared world, but everyone’s eyes are on larger super-ensembles with even more tones, characters, and moving elements to handle.

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